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Different pay

How to pay our snap on teeth?

  • Quite easy, the price is US$ 20 and we offer severall payment forms.
  • You can pay over Skrill click here, with your credit click here, we accept BTC, XRP, and some other coins. To Pay with Uphold or Paypal you need to drop us a line.
  • Snap on teeth is a cosmetic accessory, the replacement teeth cover your original and cover also all gaps you could have in your denture. The snap on teeth need to be placed in hot water for 5 minutes to make them adoptable, moldable to your own teeth.
  • It is very important to make sure the replacement teeth fit. You can help us by sending the wideness of your denture, some people have 5 cm, others 8 cm. The snap ons can be cut and made smaller.
  • Shipping is free in some cases, you need to give us the Address, name your country, the village you live in plus a phone number.

      Just indicate us your payment method over the contact fom:

      After sending your contact detail you'll be forwared to the index page.