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Making the snap ons fit

Patiience is a virtue and the way to go, a simple bath in hot water and your snap on should fit quite well . The are a price convenient solution for a cosmetic problem many people have. You just need to heat them uo before pressing them onto your teeth. This is how you make your Smile Extreme Veneers fit to your teeth. sends you a kit and you basically put them in hot water to make the veneer soft. Most people's teeth are not as fairly straight as they'd like them to be though. Sometimes it could even harm your self esteem.
In fact it is a great alternative to expensive braces, just don't forget that eating with tour veneers is not possible.

You should not fit our snap ons over braces or caps. If you are unhappy with the fit, you can simply remold as many times as you wish. In order for this product to stay firm in the mouth, a person needs to have some existing tooth structure. Our Smile Extreme product is not a “denture” or “dental device.” Smile Extreme is intended only to enhance your appearance.
You want to know more about self-esteem? Just go to Teeth and self-esteem.