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Most medium-sized companies have their heads and calendars full of their core business. That's absolutely understandable, but don't let this fact lead you into the fallacy that digital marketing can be done on the side. Customer journey mainly takes place online.


What Uber did with the taxi business or Airbnb with the hotel industry can happen at any time and anywhere in other industries: a subversion of supposedly stable business models through purely digital systems. And that in a very short time.

B2B Marketing

You can counteract this by contracting us as we understand marketing as an outmost important communication task. Please never confuse marketing with sales: a blog is not a sales channel, nor is your newsletter or your Facebook fan page. They are not intended to annoy you with advertising, but rather to be useful. If you bind your target group to you through high-quality online content, you will become a real love brand. Then there is a high probability that you will still have loyal customers even if there is a threat of disruption from Silicon Valley or elsewhere.

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A B2B lead consist of a name, a business email address, the company name, and/or phone number. In addition to this data, the lead has often the potential to become a new customer. We do this by, for example, showing interest in your product and content or identifying a need is often the solution.

Buy leads in B2B sales: Effective convert new customers with the right methods that is the central task in B2B sales. Buying leads is a common method for many companies. With the purchase, they can effortlessly expand their address lists with potential new customers. We are Brokers for the purchase for many industries.

  • Lead purchasing Industries
  • Airlines
  • beverage
  • Food
  • Tourism
  • Railways
  • Travel
  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • and many more

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