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Hoodrich: a grown brand

Hoodrich is a streetwear brand founded by Jay Williams in 2014 with about £200. He offers his products in more than 700 stores worldwide and has a healthy global customer base. He built his business from the streets to the stores. In the past five years, Hoodrich's founder, Jay Williams has brought his vision for a fresh streetwear brand to life. Sure it took a few years where he built his collections. Equipped with grit and a suitable determination, Jay chats about how he made his dream for Hoodrich into a working company.

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9 years of hard work finally striking Gold

The beginning:

Suceess with Shopify yes why not, sure it's a start but from there you need to concentrate on bulilding and not on maintaining one platform. Once having made a name for himself and his brand in his hometown he or better they (he and his team) began selling in other cities across the UK, but they were unsure how best to escalate their game and get into the European market and maybe beyond. Selling in the US had been mentioned, but no strategy had been introduced. Growth was on the cards, and Jay was hoping that Kubix would be the ones to take them there.The streetwear brand has splendid results, their growth has only been exponential. He also was backed by the likes of 50 Cent and Netflix, Jay Williams, now 28, spent three and a half years selling Hoodrich T-shirts on the streets before finally striking gold

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His stepping stone was a poundshop: In his words:

"The poundshop! I had the idea and the first thing I did was buy notepads, folders, pens- just everything so I could get my ideas out on paper. I had never started a business before. I had never done anything like this before, I knew nothing, just what I had been told. I had to figure it out myself. There was a lot of research involved after I made notes- googling, having the initiative to pick up the phone and ring people, getting out there, meeting people face to face. For me the hardest part was coming up with the idea, so from then, there was nothing that could stop me from taking the necessary steps so the brand could get to where I wanted it."

It took a phone call and a meeting, and the Kubix challenge for Hoodrich growth was set. They were already selling on Shopify, but it was their chance to really make a difference to their sales figures and get them onto Shopify Plus. Iconix has bought the majority ownership of British streetwear brand Hoodrich and will work in conjunction with Batra Group and JD Sports. Iconic International announced a majority acquisition of the British streetwear label Hoodrich, in which brand founder Jay Williams keeps a minority stake in his business. Hoodrich, now is a player in the streetwear sector gained a huge traction with Netflix's series Top Boy and sells now across 24 countries.

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Hoodrich began as a streetwear, from 2014 to 2022 the foundation of the company was priority, and on base of that work its easier to find a suitabel company to branch out. In other words: No bases, no chances.

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