Disentangle Databases

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Disentangle databases to contribuite to Marketing Solutions, solving problems

Enabling regional sales

offering Marketing solutions, alternatives for companies/people to stay safe and use a 2nd option to a cloud, Amazon, Shopify, or other SaaS. Broaden your influence.

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The Benefits of a slim database

Overcharged your shop?

Shop owners tend to overcharge their shops with thousands of products and hundreds of different categories. Thus confuses the User. Our team accomplishes the disentanglement of databases, a separation of respective shops, in order to gain the upper hand in the fight for customers. The advantages are faster shops, more and better position for the resulting disentangled Shops regionally. Better control possibilities and full access to the database.

Beliefs and facts:

Common belief is that adding a language will automatically achieve customers of the applied language. Nothing further from the truth comes off that. A customer needs fast delivery, that can only be achieved by in sitio storages.

Exceptions are digital goods. By setting up a shop/storage in a different country plus our marketing strategy you raise your chances to penetrate the market with your products.

The question is how many people are using your company's applications, tens of thousands of simultaneous requests or is it just you/family? Reach out!

Marketing Solutions SE544, solving problems by Extricating databases

Making best use of databases in marketing.

Databases are designed to handle large amounts of I/O. In your setting they will probably idle most of the time, and idling services like databases need next to nothing in resources. Not much memory and literally no CPU.

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