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BizarroMax in Reddit said it correctly:

Web3 is a collection of solutions in search of problems and the purported benefits are largely lost or illusionary because we only THINK we want to democratize everything, but we don't actually. Whenever we do, we quickly realize how much better it is to rely on an auditable curator.

92% of businesses use social media for marketing, the main reason being its free of charge character to open an account. Social media marketing is so popular due the nature of being cheap to create an account and post content about your brand. Well we also offer the service. And so the theory, each social media channel can be tailored to a specific audience. Mix that with Content marketing, content such as videos, white papers, infographics and many other forms of media to attract customers.

Marketing Solutions SE544, solving problems creating opportunities

Social Media Agency:

Lets look at Web3 applying¬†common sense: web3 appears to be a mashup of buzzwords, pushed by early crypto innovators, all without a clear roadmap. ‚ÄúDecentralization‚ÄĚ is fine. But not for a company selling in one single¬†country let alone a region.¬†Will¬†social media die out? Who then will bear the cost of hosting the endless video content from TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and so on?

We use common sense in our actions.

Marketing with trust

The most important thing when choosing a social media agency ist trust that the tasks and services the agency takes on are done in the interest of your company. Prices and costs are of secondary importance; the cheapest offer usually only includes some of the services you as a layman would think as important while they those are easily bought and not earned. Our agency creates high-quality content, content that is highly meaningful. For example, this is different for companies, for influencers or for musicians. Different criteria must be emphasized for small companies than for large corporations.

Marketing Opportunities:

All content of the social network account is fully tailored to the company. They therefore also differ within the industry such as the catering industry or the pharmaceutical industry. Our PR agency manages your social media content on Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn etc. partly via influencers. We show real estate from its best side and report on holiday destinations that are popular in tourism. Working in the area of social media and advertising belongs together. We also offer combined services in one contract.

In this day and age, no industry or company can afford to do without social media. Some age groups obtain information exclusively from these media and some of them decide on purchases or contracts based on the knowledge they glean from social media or from influencers. We promise you that we will significantly increase the awareness of your company by using these media and thus increase your sales.

Marketing Solutions SE544, solving problems creating opportunities

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