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Two-track approach:

Running their commercial vehicles on 2 tracks as a consequence of the dot-com bankruptcies, that helped traditional retail companies to accomplish giant strides in e-commerce. In addition to an established name and a sophisticated logistical infrastructure, they have the advantage of offering their customers a convincing security and service concept through the combination of online and offline trading.

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going through motions:

Every online business has to go through a certain number of steps in order to get off the ground. An online business must always evolve. A majority of the startups that have developed into successful companies in recent years started as online businesses. As with any business, there are risks in e-commerce such as fraud, security issues or delivery problems. You can book monitoring with us, our new methods secure the data.

Learning from the past

After the first .com bubble shock, the attitude of established companies towards e-business underwent a remarkable change within a few years: initially, online founders and their new business ideas were not taken seriously. As the Internet startups stormed forward at a breathtaking pace, the traditional trading houses suddenly found themselves on the defensive. In the USA they were almost disdainfully called "brick-and-mortar companies" because they seemed sluggish compared to the young Internet companies.

Online Sales is a growth market, so there are economically interesting opportunities through an online shop. How do you go from being an Amazon seller to becoming an e-commerce giant? What payment methods do you need and how do I find customers for my online shop? These questions have answers. Reach out.

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We introduce you to the topic of e-commerce novelties and answer the most important questions about online trading. Amazon and eBay together have a 66 percent market share in e-commerce. None of the competitors gets above 2 percent. This data should make you do the math. The more there is on Amazon and Ebay, the more likely customers are to drop out. The larger the company, the more likely the customer service is to fail.

You wish to be part of the Online retailer community that have already successfully positioned themselves in traditional retail offering major advantages over shop offerings that only exist on the web. Established mail order companies are catching up. B-to-C companies that are equally at home in the real and virtual world - are among the clear Winners on the Internet. With generally declining buyer numbers, they have gained up to five places compared to the competition.

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