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Hardly any other financial instrument has caused as much euphoria in recent years as Bitcoin & Co. Cryptocurrencies, digital coins or digital gold, as they are also called: Virtual currencies are increasingly making inroads into established markets. The acceptance of cryptocurrencies as a means of payment in online retail market has grown. Online retail platforms are increasingly incorporating Crypto into their payment systems. It allows them to serve customers from different parts of the world efficiently and quickly. There are also new ways to attract new clients, B2B, B2C.

Crypto in Finance:

There are a lot of stores accepting cryptocurrencies, not only Tesla. Even institutional investors are getting more and more interested into Bitcoin as its reflection on FIAT (Legal Tenders) and putting coins in their Wallets. Investment banks are eagerly issuing derivatives that reflect crypto prices. The crypto wave has long since found its way onto the floors of the major stock exchanges. The more cryptocurrencies become more widespread, the greater the interest of a broad range of investors is likely to become in the future.

Marketing with Crypto

Adverts can be paid with Bitcoin, or other coins as the crypto universe is not limited to one coin. Bitcoin though is the star, the mother of all, if you will. As a payment coin Bitcoin is not suited, there are better coins such as Litecoin. Litecoin settles in about 3 minutes. Its transfer fees are neglectable. The willingness to accept payments with cryptocurrencies is significantly higher in some countries than in others.

💪 Contrary to popular belief in Crypto; a company should stay away from Exchanges such as Binance, Coinbase, eTorro among others. A Wallet is a practical invention, still free to download and acts as payment receiver and sender. The fees depend on each network. Bitcoin is pretty expensive to send and also very slow. In the time Bitcoin settles its value has gone up, or down. The wallet use is straightforward and should be entrusted only to the most able trustee.

Marketing Opportunities:

That's why a company should point out that people can pay with Crypto. Crypto is after all a opportuniy. Ideally, you should indicate this with a “We accept Crypto” sticker on the entrance door or at the checkout. The crypto space is quite enthusiastic about crypto and what can be done with it. For merchants it is very convenient to enter crypto spaces due to advertisement opportunities.   

Many crypto use a decentralized technology, cryptocurrency is slowly becoming an anchor currency outside of the banking world. There are crypto Advertisement boards, Bitcoin, the mother of all digital currencies, is at the forefront here. But in addition to Bitcoin and BCH, Litecoin etc. there are other alternatives that are also establishing themselves in the second row and are attracting interest. Cryptos not only represent a decentralized means of payment, but have also become virtual investment objects. Its best achievement though is the wallet technology, non custodial cryptos lie on its respective blockchain.

Payment with Crypto is only possible with the consent of the merchant and customer. There is no charge back, And its up to the company how it would employ a payment plan.

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