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The need to define precise target groups.

What we hear frequently is the answer to the question about their target group is: “Everyone”. It’s quite logical: Why would you limit yourself and only appeal to some people? How do you appeal in the 1st place? We have the answers. You talk to everyone, you actually don't talk to anyone. Only those who choose a direct approach will reach the person being addressed. To become successful we need to stay on target. Just test it, giving the instruction:

Put it to the test:

“I expect someone to show up in the office by Monday at 9.00 sharp.” You can safely assume that no one feels to be addressed. Our Marketing thrives on direct communication. i.e. You sell a high quality women's makeup. It makes sense to target women who have a good income. Hence you have to place the advertisement where such ladies are. But there is the little devil in your ear who whispers: “Maybe a husband will buy his wife a high quality makeup? Now some will spread their advertisement to platforms that men visit.” Honestly, what man buys a woman a makeup?

Desires & promisess

Basically, we create desires and promises that need to be fulfilled. As soon as your contact assumes that owning your product triggers a feeling of happiness, you've won. Therefore, always reach out to the person your product makes happy. The beautiful colors of the makeup kit fulfills the dreams of women, a great tool set fulfills the DIY enthusiast. The sound makes the music and leads to success. A practical example. A customer writes a blog on the topic of “style advice”. Although he offers expensive products and the customer base is usually well over 30. He titles the blog “Tips for buying clothes”. He talks about hip, casual clothing, even though his range belongs to the business style that executives usually buy. What we advice

• We look at the range from a distance. Conduct a survey and, if possible, find users. Determine exactly who is genuinely interested in the products.

• We use lists of characteristics of each person in your Customer database who clearly indicates that you would like to buy immediately. Record age, gender, income and social status. You cannot get those datas from all in one shop solutions (Amazon, Esty, Shopify, Wix)

• There is no better time to start then now, about choosing the right advertising platforms and the type of approach. We are the perfect partner to help you find the right one.

Last but not least:

We don't get bogged down with marketing efforts that appeal to a broad audience. For example, you can control Google Ads somewhat, but not to the extent necessary for a truly successful campaign. We use platforms that are precisely tailored to your product. We ensure that your marketing budget is used in a targeted manner. Unfortunately, very few offer real segmentation. That's why we are the right address.

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