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The classic, and the most common form of the limited company is the private company limited by shares. This form of company is particularly suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Shareholders in this form may neither offer their shares publicly nor trade them on the stock exchange. The name of the limited company is identified by the suffix “limited” or the abbreviation “Ltd.” We work with Company House and a capable broker who is not afraid to give a renewal guarantee, as long as you deliver.


The low minimum capital when setting up a limited company is an advantage. On the other hand, it works only if you don't require credits. Often chosen by companies that are already looking to reduce their tax burden. If you don't need loans and you are concentrating on expanding your business, you are well advised to get a LTD as the basis for your expansion. You can send an invoice to your clients and their fiscal system recognizes the company-form. Being able to write invoices gives your business an extra edge. Thus a LTD is a marketing solution. You need a hand, we happily provide assistance.


Luckily we cooperate with an expert accountant. He ensures that you understand every step of the tax processes plus their implications of your decisions. He provides a clear picture and a concise advice that empowers you to make informed decisions.

He takes care of the following details of the English Corporate law:


The entire process rarely takes more than two weeks. For comparison: founding a German GmbH can take several months And if looking around, in most countries the process takes much longer and is less digital. Please note, however, that the articles of association of a limited company must be in English and comply with English law.

Corporate law

You also have to meet the extensive requirements of English corporate law for limited companies. These include the annual submission of the following documents:

  1. Balance sheet
  2. Profit and loss statement
  3. Reports from the directors of the company
  4. Certificate of the auditor

A LTD from a different country:

The marketing solution LTD has its forms which need to be fullfilled: As a corporation, the legal form of a limited company is obliged to keep double-entry books. In addition, it must prepare annual financial statements in accordance with English law, which, depending on the size of the company, consist of a (condensed) balance sheet, the profit and loss statement (P&L), the notes, a management report and a cash flow statement. The annual financial statements must be certified by an auditor, presented to the general meeting and filed with the English Companies Register for publication.

The reason why a LTD is a marketing solution are clear. As a company you have access to more Tooling such as banking and having corporate clients. Bring your project to a different level.

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The bookeeping and accountancy our accountant offers incorporates all types of companies and partnerships. He sees to your annual compliance: Offered as a premium service and includes preparation and filing of the annual return; as well as the maintenance of statutory registers. He excells in processing of share transfers and allotments; a corporate company secretary and deadline filing reminders. Offers as a standart the access to professional company secretarial support.

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