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The enshittification of Companies

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Mid Sized Companies

Most medium-sized companies have their heads and calendars full of their core business, hopefully, and when not give us a call. That's absolutely understandable, but don't let this fact lead you into the fallacy that digital marketing can be done on the side. Customer journey mainly takes place online.


What Uber did with the taxi business or Airbnb with the hotel industry can happen at any time and anywhere in other industries: a subversion of supposedly stable business models through purely digital systems. And that in a very short time. Slowly building a digital plattform makes you ready for Virus and conquests alike.

Midsized company marketing

You can counteract this by contracting us, as we understand marketing as an outmost important communication task. Just make us an offer. Please never confuse marketing with sales: a blog is not a sales channel, nor is your newsletter or your Facebook fan page. They are not intended to annoy you with advertising, but rather to be useful. If you bind your target group to you through high-quality online content, you will become a real love brand. Then there is a high probability that you will still have loyal customers even if there is a threat of disruption from Silicon Valley or elsewhere.

Marketing Solutions SE544, solving problems

Company phases:

Many companies that start offering Goods on the Internet go through phases. Lets take Duolingo, where the two operators stayed somewhat true to their original plans. Most of the time it goes like this: A company offers two very different things. One of these is the sale of advertising space. The other thing is what the users are actually interested in. Soon the majority of employees are only working on one of these two things: improving the offering for advertising customers. If I'm lucky, that just means the app will stop being developed and will forever remain where it was five years ago. But most of the time it's not like that. The product gets worse, I have to see more ads, I have to give new "yes, sell my data to the following 734 companies" consents, and popular features are eliminated because they get in the way of making money.

This process is called the “enshittification”. It happend to the church, from being persecuted to set a crown on Emperor's heads. It is what happens when platforms die: First they are friendly to their users, then they treat them badly for the benefit of corporate customers, and at the very end they treat the companies badly too because they want to keep everything for themselves. Then they die.” His examples include Amazon, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter and Google, all of which currently appear to be dead, but perhaps there is also a bit of a desire for a fair end at play.

How it works:

Recording the actual state:

Free of charge analysis of your website In doing so, we pay attention to the following points:

  1. Website
  2. Server
  3. Advertising
  4. Social networks.
  5. Reach of existing networks

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Recording the target state:

You tell us what your problematic is you want us to solve, for example:

  1. Too few website visitors
  2. Visitors bounce without buying
  3. Frequent technical glitches.
  4. Shop or website can hardly be adapted to your needs.

Conclusion of a concrete agreement:

We put together a package of measures for you to achieve the desired target state and name the price. You decide which services you want and we make a binding agreement in writing.

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